Tea and Tranquillity with Debra Knapke


Perhaps the ritual of “tea time” has been passed down to you through generations of family members who learned how to savor this time as a special respite in the day. Or, maybe you are new to tea and are confused by all of the options. In this class, you’ll learn how to observe the “art” of tea time as a break from routine that can be both relaxing and refreshing. 

Debra will share a presentation about the cultural aspects of the tea ceremony and describe how tea time can be used for conversation and/or for quiet reflection. She’ll also demonstrate how to “properly” brew a cup of tea. This class will include an amazing selection and education on four different types of teas, along with some delectable treats and a take-home gift.  

Wednesday, June 29th 2022
$50 per person plus tax


About the instructor:  

Known as “The Garden Sage”, Debra Knapke is passionate about sustainable and regenerative garden design, ornamental and food gardening, and enjoys sharing her knowledge through her writings, public speaking events, and garden consulting in the private and public sectors. 

Debra has served on various local and national committees and boards that focus on education, the environment, and sustainability. Deb has championed those passions during her two-year term (2014-2016) as Honorary President of the Herb Society of America and currently as the Chair of the Sustainability Committee of GardenComm. In addition, she has mentored the future of the landscape industry at Columbus State Community College for over 20 years. 

Deb loves working with the land and Nature, and enjoys cooking, baking, and tea making when she isn’t in the garden.  

Website:    www.DebraTheGardenSage.com